ACCME Educational Webinar Now Available for On-Demand Viewing

Chicago, IL
December 21, 2007

On December 11, 2007 the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and the Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS) hosted a webinar entitled, "Identifying Professional Practice Gaps: Diagnosing and Treating Breast Cancer", for Chicago area CME providers to explore the application of the ACCME’s Updated Accreditation Criteria to a current patient care need facing Chicago area physicians. 

Dr. Murray Kopelow, ACCME’s Chief Executive Officer, was joined by Dr. David Ansell, Chief Medical Officer of Rush Medical Center and member of the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force.  During the webinar, Dr. Ansell outlined the 'professional practice gap' that exists in Chicagoland with respect to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in African American women.  Dr. Ansell also shared some insights into the knowledge, competence and performance issues that underlie this local healthcare gap.   Dr. Ansell’s comments were based on the recent findings of the Task Force in regards to breast cancer detection and treatment in women.  To review information on the findings of the Task Force, please see recent media clips listed on the Task Force website by clicking HERE). 

Following Dr. Ansell’s presentation, Dr. Kopelow illustrated how the ACCME’s Updated Criteria could inform strategies that CME providers could take to effectively change healthcare for patients with breast cancer. Through his presentation and lively discussion with Dr. Ansell, Dr. Kopelow demonstrated how accredited CME Providers can benefit from applying the ACCME’s accreditation requirements as a framework for organizational educational strategies that may contribute to closing the 'gap' – and contribute to the improvement of patient care in America.

The ACCME is pleased to share this valuable educational opportunity with the larger CME community.  This webinar is an example of future educational efforts the ACCME will provide to its many stakeholders.  The ACCME hopes that this activity will benefit its community of accredited providers, recognized state accreditors (and their state-accredited providers) as they continue to advance CME as a strategic asset to support healthcare improvement.

To view the one-hour webinar, please click HERE.

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