ACCME Asked to Provide U.S. Senate Finance Committee with Information Regarding CME

Chicago, IL
December 21, 2006

As part of their ongoing investigation into the high cost of pharmaceuticals, the U.S. Senate Finance Committee has requested that the ACCME provide information on the accreditation system’s oversight with respect to commercial support of continuing medical education (CME), the management of commercial support by accredited providers, and the requirements of the ACCME’s Standards for Commercial Support: Standards to Ensure Independence in CME Activities. The letter to the ACCME from the Senate Finance Committee is attached.

The ACCME looks forward to preparing a response that explains the accreditation system, the valuable role that accredited providers of CME play, and the safeguards that are reflected in the Standards for Commercial Support, especially as they relate to ensuring that CME decisions are made free of the control of commercial interests; identifying and resolving conflicts of interest; appropriate management of commercial support; separation of promotion from education; format and content free of commercial bias; and disclosure of relevant financial relationships to learners.

The Senate Finance Committee has revised its deadline for submission of the ACCME’s response to January 22, 2007. 

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