ACCME Adopts New Bylaws

Chicago, IL
November 18, 2005

At its November 16, 2005 meeting, the ACCME Board of Directors took action to adopt new bylaws for the ACCME. This action was the culmination of two years of discussion in an open and transparent exchange of perspectives. We are especially grateful for the work of past and present member organization staff liaisons that developed the creative approach to retaining the oversight role of the member organizations after it was proposed by staff of the Association of American Medical Colleges.

The newly adopted ACCME bylaws contain two important changes from past bylaws:

  1. The membership of the Board would be changed to allow two nominees from each of the seven member organizations plus two directors from the state medical society accreditation system; two public directors; and two representatives from the Federal government.
  2. The "veto" power of the member organizations is changed from a single member being able to stop an action of ACCME from being implemented --- to requiring that when three member organizations ask, then ACCME will reconsider any action that is seen to extend ACCME beyond its identified purpose and mission.

Revisions to bylaws are managed according to procedures for amending bylaws. Article XII of ACCME’s current bylaws states, "…amendments [to the bylaws] shall not become effective until reviewed and approved by all of the members of the ACCME. A member must act and notify the ACCME within one hundred eighty (180) days of receipt of the item, or the item shall be deemed to have been approved by that member."

Therefore, the approval process by the member organizations has until May 16, 2006 to conclude. Any questions regarding the bylaws or the process for their approval may be directed to Murray Kopelow, MD, ACCME’s Chief Executive.

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