6/11/2008 - ACCME Policy Announcements and Calls-for-Comment

Chicago, IL
June 11, 2008

In keeping with procedure announced in 2006, the ACCME is releasing new or proposed policies and clarifications during the summer of each year. The ACCME has posted several announcements for your review and comment. 

These relate to:

• The further positioning of the continuing medical education enterprise as a tool to assist physicians;
• The ACCME’s expedited improvement initiative for providers found in Non Compliance with requirements;
• Clarifications regarding the interactions between commercial interests and accredited providers;
• The ACCME’s expanded monitoring and surveillance initiatives; and
• The ACCME’s expanded operations and fee increases.

The announcements include ‘calls-for-comment’ on ACCME proposals regarding:

• Defining appropriate interactions between Accredited Providers and Commercial Supporters; and
• A discussion of the new paradigm for commercial support within CME as Bridge to Quality .

Click here for access to the Announcements and related ‘calls-for-comment.’

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