Simplification Webinar Recording and More Resources Now Available

March 27, 2014
Posted by: 
Tamar Hosansky

Simplification Resources: Webinar, Q&A, Accreditation Materials

The ACCME held a free webinar on March 11 to discuss the changes to simplify the accreditation requirements and process and answer questions. The webinar was open to all stakeholders; there were more than 1,600 participants. A recording of the webinar is now available here, along with the transcript and PDF of the presentation slides. In addition, we have posted a series of Ask ACCME Q&A about the simplification changes.

Resources for Accredited Providers and Initial Applicants
We have published updated accreditation materials, including the 
ACCME Performance-In-Practice Structured Abstract, to reflect the changes to simplify the accreditation requirements and process. The links to these materials are below. The materials are also aggregated here.

Please note that you do not need to resubmit any accreditation materials or change any materials that you are preparing. The ACCME will ensure that you will not be reviewed for any requirements that have been eliminated.

As we announced previously, we have updated the Accreditation Requirements and Descriptions PDF to reflect the simplification changes; please use this PDF as your reference for the current requirements. We are in the process of updating the ACCME Web site to incorporate these changes.

For more information, please visit the Simplification and Evolution Web page.