Message from the New ACCME President and CEO

April 20, 2015
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Tamar Hosansky

Message from Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, ACCME President and CEO

Dear ACCME Stakeholders:

This week, I have the honor of beginning my service as the new President and CEO of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME®).

I am delighted to report that the transition process that began last year with Dr. Kopelow’s announcement of his retirement continues to proceed successfully and smoothly. I am proud to build on the strong foundation Dr. Kopelow leaves as his legacy and am grateful for the Board of Directors’ ongoing support and leadership as we begin the work of setting the future strategic direction for the ACCME, focusing on innovation and improvement.

Over the past few months, I began working with Kate Regnier, MA, MBA, Executive Vice President, and the other dedicated ACCME staff members, who have welcomed me with warmth and generosity.

I have also had the opportunity to interact with some of the ACCME’s expert volunteers, member organizations, and other members of our community, and I plan to participate in many more interactions in the coming months. It is clear from these conversations that our missions are aligned. As an educator and a physician, I care about the same things so many of you care about, and it is now my responsibility to do everything I can to help our accredited continuing education (CE) community grow and thrive. I was inspired to take this role because it gives me the privilege of leading an accreditation system that makes a difference—by promoting engagement with healthcare professionals and by providing them with opportunities for effective education, self-reflection, and improvement in a system that meets their needs, and promotes quality in patient care.

The collaboration of the ACCME and the CE community has been fundamental to our success in positioning accredited CE as a strategic resource for healthcare improvement. I look forward to working collaboratively to create new opportunities for accredited CE to demonstrate that it is the vehicle for learning and change and a partner for quality improvement.

We plan to host an open webinar for all stakeholders on July 7. This webinar will give you the opportunity to learn more about my background, perspective, and vision. It will give me the opportunity to answer your questions, to hear about your challenges and strengths, and to learn about your ideas for how we can achieve our shared mission together. We will send out an announcement soon and I hope that you will join us.

I look forward to working together to leverage our shared passion for learning and the power of education to drive quality in our profession and in healthcare.





Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc
President and Chief Executive Officer
Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education
515 North State Street; Suite 1801
Chicago, Illinois USA 60654