ACCME Presents at Institute for Medical Quality CME Provider Annual Conference

May 29, 2015
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Tamar Hosansky

IMQ Conference Addresses Scope and Value of CME in California

Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, President and CEO, ACCME; and Kate Regnier, MA, MBA, Executive Vice President, ACCME, participated in the CME Provider Annual Conference of the Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ). Dr. McMahon presented data showing that IMQ, a subsidiary of the California Medical Association, oversees a robust state accreditation system, with 233 accredited providers. In addition, in California there are 56 providers accredited by the ACCME and two jointly accredited providers. These CME providers offer about 24,000 activities comprising more than 144,000 hours of instruction annually. This education includes more than 1.6 million physician interactions and 1 million interactions with other healthcare professionals. Dr. McMahon explained how accredited CME meets the needs of learners and reflects the changing healthcare environment. Dr. McMahon and Ms. Regnier also participated in a meeting with the IMQ accreditation committee to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing accreditation and CME.