ACCME Presents at CME Provider Meetings in Florida, Pennsylvania

April 25, 2013
Posted by: 
Tamar Hosansky

ACCME presents at CME provider meetings in Florida, Pennsylvania

The ACCME participated in the following CME events in April. This participation is part of the ongoing support the ACCME provides for the intrastate accreditation system and for Recognized Accreditors (state/territory medical societies recognized by the ACCME as accreditors of local CME providers).

  • Marcia K. Martin, Manager, Provider Education and Outreach, ACCME, gave a presentation at the 2013 Florida Medical Association (FMA) CME Providers Conference. Ms. Martin provided an update on the ACCME’s strategic discussions with stakeholders regarding simplifying and evolving the accreditation standards, process, and system. She described how CME providers can create an educational home for their learners and how they can become responsive leaders, meeting the needs of various stakeholders, including their organizations, health care systems, care teams, communities, the government, and the public. Ms. Martin also participated in a panel discussing case examples of compliance and noncompliance with the accreditation requirements.
  • Steve Singer, PhD, Director, Education and Outreach, ACCME, gave a presentation at the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s (PAMED) 2013 CME Accreditation Conference. He described the role of CME in advancing interprofessional practice and addressing local and national public health initiatives. He encouraged providers to engage with their institutions’ leadership about how accredited CME can support institutional priorities. Dr. Singer described how CME providers can reevaluate their planning processes to ensure they are meeting their learners’ needs and removing obstacles to creating innovative and effective CME.