ACCME Makes Expectations for Disclosure Methods Consistent across Activity Types

April 30, 2015
Posted by: 
Tamar Hosansky

ACCME Removes Restrictions on Electronic Methods of Disclosure

In a continuing effort to simplify compliance expectations and make them consistent across activity types, the ACCME has decided to allow accredited CME providers to use tabs, links, or other electronic mechanisms to transmit disclosure information to learners for CME activities, as required by Standard for Commercial Support 6: Disclosures Relevant to Potential Commercial Bias.  This modification only changes how the information required by Standard 6 may be transmitted to learners—there are no changes to the information that must be disclosed to learners or to any of the disclosure requirements. The change goes into effect immediately.

Previously, providers were restricted from using methods such as electronic tabs or links and had to use a method that ensured learners passed through electronic disclosure information before engaging in an activity. Now, CME providers can make electronic disclosure information available via an electronic tab or link, just as they have always been able to make disclosure available via a tabbed section in a printed syllabus. Providers can choose the method for delivering disclosure information. Regardless of the method, the ACCME expects—as it always has—that disclosure information will be delivered prior to the beginning of the CME activity and will be clearly marked, accessible, and useful for learners.

The ACCME made this modification in response to requests from accredited providers and in recognition of the evolution of the use of digital technology in education. The modification is part of the ACCME’s ongoing simplification of the accreditation requirements and process.

We have posted an FAQ about this modification.