ACCME Implements Online Accreditation Interview Scheduling Process

June 28, 2012
Posted by: 
Tamar Hosansky

The ACCME has implemented an online accreditation interview scheduling system in order to simplify and streamline the process for accredited providers and accreditation surveyors. The process enables providers to use the online ACCME’s Interview Date Preference Form to review a list of available slots and choose the date, time, and format for their interviews. Then, accreditation surveyors select the interviews they will conduct from the list of scheduled interviews. Previously, interview scheduling was arranged via e-mail and phone.

The ACCME piloted the process with a select group of providers in the March 2013 cohort and received positive feedback about the ease and efficiency of the process. The process has now been implemented for all providers in the March 2013 cohort and will be used for all future cohorts. Providers will be sent instructions about using the online interview scheduling process when they receive the standard notification about their need to reapply for accreditation. We will continue to refine the system based on user feedback and our experience implementing it.

The online accreditation interview scheduling system is part of the ACCME’s ongoing efforts to use technology to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and ease of the accreditation review and decision-making process. Last year, the ACCME implemented the online Accreditation Compliance Review System (ACRS) for accreditation surveyors and Accreditation Review Committee members. ACRS enables surveyors to complete and submit their report forms online. Surveyors can easily compare their reports and identify areas that require additional discussion or review. After surveyors have completed their process, and the ACCME staff has reviewed the surveyors' reports, the Accreditation Review Committee members use ACRS to review the forms, record their compliance findings, and make their accreditation recommendations. The information and recommendations are reviewed by the Decision Committee of the Board of Directors and all accreditation decisions are then ratified by the ACCME’s Board of Directors.

As it has always done, the ACCME staff provides support and resources for accredited providers and volunteers throughout the accreditation review and decision-making process.