ACCME Hosts Luncheon Discussion for Accreditation Surveyors

January 23, 2014
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Tamar Hosansky

ACCME Volunteer Surveyors Review 2013 Accomplishments

The ACCME hosted a luncheon discussion for ACCME accreditation surveyors during the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (ACEHP) Annual Meeting, held in January in Orlando. The event was attended by more than 50 stakeholders, including ACCME volunteer surveyors, members of the ACCME Accreditation Review Committee, and staff and volunteers representing Recognized Accreditors.

Dion Richetti, Director, Accreditation and Recognition Services, ACCME, discussed the accomplishments surveyors made during the previous year. Thanks to surveyors’ contributions, the ACCME made 172 accreditation, reaccreditation, and Joint Accreditation decisions in 2013. To support this decision-making, 108 surveyors conducted 166 accreditation interviews. The accreditation decision-making process involved reviews of more than 2,060 performance-in-practice files from accredited providers.

The ACCME asks providers to complete evaluations regarding their experience with the accreditation process and uses this feedback to analyze its current practices and make improvements. Surveyors were provided with data reflecting feedback from each of the three 2013 cohorts, which showed that 90% or more of provider respondents reported positive experiences. Providers reported positive experiences regarding surveyors’ preparation and communication skills, and stated that surveyors maintained their appropriate role as data gatherers and treated them with respect during accreditation interviews.

The ACCME asks surveyors to fill out questionnaires about their experience with the accreditation interview process. This feedback helps the ACCME provide support to volunteer surveyors. Mr. Richetti shared the feedback with surveyors, which showed that 97% or more of surveyor respondents reported that they had a positive experience. They reported that the scheduling process was easy, that they were given adequate time to prepare for and conduct the interview, that ACCME staff answered their questions clearly, and that the ACCME surveyor training provided the necessary skills. Mr. Richetti also presented surveyor feedback regarding the Accreditation Compliance Review System (ACRS), which was implemented in 2012 in order to simplify and streamline the process for accredited providers and accreditation surveyors. The data shows that 97% of surveyors found the ACRS easy to use.

Steve Singer, PhD, Director, Education and Outreach, ACCME, welcomed the new volunteer surveyors. He reported that the ACCME trained 14 new surveyors in 2013 and looks forward to training more new surveyors in 2014. Training sessions for new and experienced surveyors are held throughout the year. The ACCME welcomes applications for new surveyors. Visit the Volunteers Web page for more information.