ACCME Convenes Conversations with Recognized State Medical Society Leadership

August 28, 2012
Posted by: 
Tamar Hosansky

On July 26, 2012, the ACCME Board of Directors convened conversations with leadership from the recognized state/territory medical society CME accreditation system to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing accredited CME. The Board asked participants about the value their accreditation program brings to their state, about the value of ACCME support and services, and how the ACCME can continue to support their accreditation programs.

Participants included ACCME member organization liaisons; members of the Committee for Review and Recognition (CRR); and CEOs, executive leadership, and staff from 38 recognized state/territory medical societies.

The conversations were part of the Board’s ongoing process for facilitating the implementation of the ACCME 2011 strategic imperatives: Foster ACCME Leadership and Engagement; Evolve and Simplify the Accreditation Standards, Process, and System; Explore and Build a More Diversified Portfolio of ACCME Products and Services.