2014 ACCME State/Territory Medical Society Conference Focuses on Leadership and Performance in the National CME System

January 28, 2015
Posted by: 
Tamar Hosansky

State Medical Society Focuses on CME's Role in Improving Health

The 2014 ACCME State/Territory Medical Society Conference, held December 10–11 in Chicago, brought together leadership, staff, and volunteers from 40 Recognized Accreditors. In addition, participants included guests from the ACCME Board of DirectorsCommittee for Review and Recognition, the American Medical Association (AMA), and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). The conference was the culmination of a year of engagement and collaboration between the ACCME and Recognized Accreditors (state/territory medical societies recognized by the ACCME as accreditors of intrastate CME providers).

The conference theme was “Leadership and Performance in the National CME System.” Participants discussed how accredited CME at the state level is a force for changing practice and improving health, and explored how CME needs to evolve to meet the needs of emerging generations of healthcare professionals. Leaders from the Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS) gave a presentation reflecting on the important role of Recognized Accreditors in supporting accredited CME and the strategic value that accredited CME brings to Illinois.

Guest speaker Kevin B. Weiss, MD, MPH, Senior Vice President for Patient Safety and Institutional Review, ACGME, provided an overview of the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) Program and discussed the linkages between CLER and CME and the opportunities for CME to provide strategic value to graduate medical education.

Several sessions focused on Maintenance of Recognition and the Markers of Equivalency. The ACCME shared detailed data that has been gathered through Maintenance of Recognition about the Recognized Accreditors’ processes and decision making. The data collection is a quality assurance tool to support equivalency, enabling the ACCME to determine if Recognized Accreditors are applying the national standards for accreditation decisions and the accreditation process.

The conference included the presentation of the 2014 Rutledge W. Howard, MD, Awards. Given in two categories, this ACCME award recognizes state medical societies, their staff, and volunteers for their contributions and commitment to advancing community-based CME programs and the intrastate accreditation system. The 2014 Rutledge W. Howard, MD, Award for Individual Service to the Intrastate Accreditation System was given to Ronald Johnson, MD. The 2014 Rutledge W. Howard, MD, Award for Outstanding Collaboration between Accreditors and Providers was given to the Medical Association of the State of Alabama (MASA). Read more about the recipients in our news release. Pike Press, a local publication in Pittsfield, Illinois, wrote an article about Dr. Johnson’s award: “Accreditation Council Honors Local Physician.”

The Recognized Accreditors paid tribute to Murray Kopelow, MD, President and CEO, ACCME, with an award honoring his 20 years of dedicated service to accredited CME. Dr. Kopelow will retire later this year.

Throughout the year, the ACCME offers a range of educational, outreach, and support services to Recognized Accreditors, including monthly webinars and the annual conference. In 2014, ACCME staff participated in the local professional development activities at Recognized Accreditor events in 22 states.