2012 ACCME State/Territory Medical Society Conference Concludes a Year of Engagement and Collaboration

January 22, 2013
Posted by: 
Tamar Hosansky


ACCME and State Medical Societies Continue Strategic Collaboration

The 2012 ACCME State/Territory Medical Society Conference: A Conference of Leaders, held December 12-13 in Chicago, was the culmination of a year of engagement and collaboration between the ACCME and Recognized Accreditors (state/territory medical societies recognized by the ACCME as accreditors of local CME providers).

This year of engagement brought together leadership, staff, and volunteers from Recognized Accreditors and the ACCME, including members of the ACCME Board of Directors and the ACCME Committee for Review and Recognition. Discussions focused on the evolving health care environment, the strategic value CME brings to health care quality improvement, the

ACCME Strategic Imperatives, and the implementation of the Maintenance of Recognition process. The ACCME Board of Directors adopted Maintenance of Recognition in 2011 in order to improve the quality, value, and efficiency of the recognition process and to enable the ACCME and Recognized Accreditors to identify areas for improvement on an ongoing basis.

Here are the highlights from the 2012 engagement between the ACCME and Recognized Accreditors.

The 2012 ACCME State/Territory Medical Society Conference, which included participants from 29 states, focused on the theme of “Accredited CME as an Educational Home: Meeting Expectations and Identifying Opportunities.” The conference addressed strategic opportunities for participants to reposition their CME enterprise as an educational home that provides the resources to support the continuing professional development of their physicians—in alignment with the expectations of physician licensure, certification, and health care reform. Sessions also provided hands-on training to support state medical society CME accreditation, interpretation, and decision-making under the ACCME Markers of Equivalency and Accreditation Criteria.

In July, the ACCME Board of Directors convened conversations with leadership from the recognized state/territory medical society CME accreditation system to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing accredited CME.

During the summer, the ACCME convened three regional forums, bringing together participants from 24 states. Each forum featured a guest speaker.

Throughout the year, the ACCME held monthly Regional Accreditor webinars to discuss the CME environment and accreditation practices. The ACCME provided speakers, upon request, for Regional Accreditors’ CME events, as well as training for recognition reviewers and Recognized Accreditors’ CME committee members, and one-on-one consultations with Recognized Accreditors. In addition, Recognized Accreditors’ staff and volunteers were invited to participate in ACCME’s intensive surveyor trainings.


1. Frank Berry, Director, Department of CME, MEDCHI, The Maryland State Medical Society
2. From left, at table:  Pamela Mazmanian, Educational Advisor, Medical Society of Virginia; Sharron Kelley, Director of Education, South Carolina Medical Association; Lynn Parry, Member of the Committee on Professional Education and Accreditation, Colorado Medical Society; JoAnne Wojak, Director, CME, Colorado Medical Society
3. Jodi Escareño, CME Manager, Washington State Medical Association; Jeffrey Lindenbaum, MD, CME Accreditation Committee Chair, Washington State Medical Association
4. Wanda Velez, MD, Chair, CME Council, Puerto Rico Medical Association
5. James M. Galloway, MD, Assistant US Surgeon General, US Public Health Service, and Regional Health Administrator, US Department of Health & Human Services, Region V, at the Chicago Regional Accreditor Meeting