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What methods can I use to register an activity for MOC in PARS?

There are three options available to you for registering an activity for MOC in PARS. 

Accredited providers may use the web fill form in the PARS interface to complete the specific questions required to register the activity for MOC. Providers may also use the XML batch activity upload method and include the specialty board’s MOC registration data in the XML upload file. This same XML format can be used to register activities via ACCME’s web service. For more information see Technical Information for Submitting Data via Batch Upload or Web Services

You cannot batch upload the MOC registration information for activities using the tab-delimited option. If you enter the general information for activities required by PARS via tab-delimited text batch upload, the specialty board’s MOC registration fields must then be completed individually via the web form for any activity that you wish to register for MOC.