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What is the ACCME's definition of "competence" as it relates to the Accreditation Criteria?

Criterion 1 says, "expected results articulated in terms of changes in competence, performance, or patient outcomes that will be the result of the program." What definition of "competence" is ACCME using? Does it mean knowledge and skill, or does it mean the application of knowledge or skill in practice? If the later is true, how does it differ from performance?

In the ACCME context, we are using Miller's (1990) definition of competence as "knowing how" to do something. Knowledge, in the presence of experience and judgment, is translated into ability (competence) - which has not yet put into practice. It is what a professional would do in practice, if given the opportunity. The skills, abilities and strategies one implements in practice is performance.

See Miller GE. The assessment of clinical skills/competence/performance. Acad Med. 1990; 65(9 Suppl):S63-7.