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How is an internet enduring material activity defined?

An internet enduring material activity is available when the learner chooses to complete it.  It is “enduring,” meaning that there is not just one time on one day to participate in it.  Rather, the learner determines when he/she participates. (Examples: online interactive educational module, recorded presentation, podcast).

Internet enduring material activities should be reported in PARS for each year in which they are active, either for the entire year or any part thereof. For each year that you provided the activity, please report the number of learners who participated in it during that year, as well as the income and expense related to the activity for that year. Do not report cumulative data for an activity spanning multiple years.

When reporting the number of learners for an internet enduring material activity, you should count all learners who completed all or a portion of the activity and whose participation can be verified in some manner. The accreditor would not consider individuals that only downloaded or accessed the activity but did not actually complete all or a portion of it to be learners.

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