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How do I report Test Item Writing in PARS?

Test Item Writing activities may consist of either of the following processes:  

  1. When questions are written for an ‘item pool’ from which they are later drawn to build a variety of ‘tests’, then building the questions for a single pool is one activity (ex. the Pediatric Item Writing Committee of the National Board of Medical Examiners; or the Second Year Clerkship exams at your medical school); or 

  2. When questions, items or cases are created for one specific ‘test’,  then each ‘test’ is a separate activity (ex. MCQ items for the 2012 Clerkship exam in Pediatrics). For hours of instruction, specify the amount of time you believe a learner would take to complete the Test Item Writing activity. The number of learners should equal the total number of persons who engaged in the Test Item Writing activity.

For example, a provider planned an activity in which 5 physicians wrote test items for an American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) member board certification examination question pool.  Each physician completed the Test Item Writing activity in 10 hours.  In PARS, the provider would report this as a Test Item Writing activity with 5 Physician Learners and 10 Hours of Instruction.

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