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How do I report activities that are available for more than one year?

Activities that are offered over the course of multiple reporting years - such as Enduring Materials - should be reported in PARS for each year in which they are active, regardless of whether they are active for the entire year or just a part of it.

For each year that you provided the activity, you will report the number of learners (physicians or other learners) who participated during that year, as well as the income and expenses related to the activity for that year. Do not report cumulative data for an activity spanning multiple years.

As an example, if a provider offers an enduring internet material activity that was launched on July 1, 2010 and remains available through December 2011, and they are reporting on a calendar year*, then they should:

  1. report one activity in PARS for 2010 (with a start date of July 1, 2010) and then one activity for 2011 (with the same start date of July 1, 2010);
  2. for each year, calculate and report the attendance during that year only. Do not count attendance for both years when reporting for 2011;
  3. for each year, calculate and report the income and expenses received or incurred during that year only. If the activity received monetary commercial support, report the amount of support received in the years in which it was received. In subsequent years, for the question, “Commercial Support Received,” answer “yes” and type zero (“0”) in the “Total Monetary Amount Received” field. 

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