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How do I copy activities in PARS?

If you provide the same activity in multiple locations (e.g., update course) or provide the same activity year after year (e.g., annual meeting), you can save time entering data about these activities by using the copy function in PARS. The copy function allows providers to select an existing activity and create a new activity that contains the same data for the following fields:

  • Activity Type

  • Activity Sub-category (if applicable)

  • Activity Title

  • Provider Activity ID (if applicable)

  • Sponsorship

  • Hours of Instruction

  • Number of AMA PRA Category 1 Credits Designated (if applicable)

  • Description of Content (if applicable)

  • Designed to change Competence?

  • Changes in Competence evaluated?

  • Designed to change Performance?

  • Changes in Performance evaluated?

  • Designed to change Patient Outcomes?

  • Changes in Patient Outcomes evaluated?

Once you copy the activity, you may modify all of the above fields in the new activity record, if needed. 

You must still enter the Reporting Year, Activity Date, and Activity Location (if applicable) for the new activity in order to be able to save it in PARS.

To copy an existing activity in PARS, visit the View Activities screen, select the applicable Reporting Year from the drop-down list, and find the activity that you want to copy on either the Open or Closed tab. Click on the copy button next to the activity. A dialogue box will appear that will require you to select a Reporting Year for the new activity. Select a Reporting Year and click Continue. The new activity record will appear. You will need to enter the Activity Location (if applicable) and the Activity Date in order to save the new activity in PARS.