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For a journal-based CME activity, do I need to collect information about relevant financial relationships from the authors of the article, identify and resolve their conflicts of interest, and disclose their relevant financial relationships to learners?

No. If you are creating a journal-based CME activity, the ACCME does not expect you to identify and disclose to learners the relevant financial relationships of the article’s authors and editors or to resolve their conflicts of interest. That process is handled by the journal editors. Disclosure by authors is a standard component of published articles, and the editorial review process manages the resolution of any conflicts of interest. The accredited provider does, however, need to identify, resolve, and disclose relevant financial relationships for those involved in planning the journal-based CME activity, e.g., the person(s) choosing the article(s) and/or writing the evaluation mechanism.

The ACCME has two expectations about the publication that issued the article: