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Can accredited CME activities that train on the use of medical devices or equipment include employees of ACCME-defined commercial interests?

Yes, with specific limits and expectations. Education on devices is a special-use case in accredited CME. Some equipment contains labeling requirements set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These may include requirements for instruction prior to use. Employees of ACCME-defined commercial interests can demonstrate the operational aspects of the safe and proper use of a medical device within accredited CME activities. However, per Standard 1 of the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support, it is critical that accredited providers ensure that commercial employees never expand their role into areas of clinical medicine while involved in accredited CME (e.g., never talk about indications for use, never talk about comparisons between competing products or comparisons between the device and/or invasive surgery and/or medical treatment). To meet ACCME expectations, this special-use case requires careful supervision by the accredited provider's faculty and staff and proper professional behavior by industry staff.