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ABP MOC points are equivalent to the number of CME credits awarded. All MOC points awarded must be rounded to the nearest whole number.

Yes, activities outside of pediatrics may be registered for ABP MOC credit provided that the activity is relevant to physicians certified by the ABP, as demonstrated by the professional practice gap(s) and content of the activity.

If requested by the participant, the provider must provide the participant with written documentation (eg, that could be downloaded or provided in hard copy), to include the name of the activity and the provider; the participant name; the participant’s ABP ID number; the date of completion of the activity; and the PARS activity identifier; in addition to a statement that the activity has been approved for ABP MOC Part 2 credit along with the number of MOC points awarded.

Please see Table 2 in the ABP Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment for MOC Part 2 CME Provider Program Manual for a detailed list of materials you will need to submit if your activity is audited. Accredited Providers should complete the ABP’s audit checklist (see Appendix B of the ABP MOC Program Manual) for each activity registered for MOC credit and retain this document along with any other relevant materials in the event the activity is selected for audit.

Any CME provider accredited directly by the ACCME, by a Recognized State Accreditor, or by Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing Education can register a CME activity for the ABP Lifelong Learning and Self-assessment for MOC Part 2 CME Provider Program in PARS by attesting that the activity meets the requirements and policies of the program. See the Program Manual for further information.



No, the ACCME has the expectation that accredited providers evaluate the impact of their activities on learners’ knowledge, strategies/skills, performance, and/or patient outcomes. Different assessment approaches can be found in Appendix A of the ABP’s Lifelong Learning and Self-assessment for MOC Part 2 CME Provider Program Manual.

ABP diplomates must meet yearly reporting requirements related to completion of activities, as such accredited providers are asked to submit learner completion data to the ACCME within 30 days of the completion date and no later than December 1 of the calendar year. Activities completed after December 1 must be entered immediately into PARS.

No. Partial credit will not be awarded to participants.

Participant completion should only be reported when the maximum number of MOC points have been achieved as determined by the provider.

Providers offering activities that are longitudinal in nature, such as regularly scheduled series, should register the activity in PARS once and report completion data for each learner only once, after the learner has earned the maximum amount of credit (following completion of the assessment mechanism). It is up to the provider to determine how/when to administer the assessment mechanism.

The ABP will verify the participant’s ABP ID number, as well as First & Last Name. If the First & Last Name do not match, the participant’s date of birth (mm/dd) will be used to verify the participant’s information. Additionally, the ABP will ensure that credit has not been previously awarded to the participant for this specific activity.