Integrating Accredited CME into Individualized, Self-Directed Learning Project Type Activities Like Learning from Teaching, Teaching Medical Students and Residents, and Other AMA-Approved Formats

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The American Medical Association (AMA) has approved the teaching of medical students and residents as a type of live activity that may be certified for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™.  From an accreditation perspective, this format fits within the ACCME’s 2010 description of a “learning from teaching” CME activity.

Background and Definition

The ACCME has long supported the integration of accredited CME into self-directed learning and improvement. The ACCME learning from teaching definition along with the ACCME’s descriptions of manuscript review, test-item writing, performance improvement, and Internet searching and learning, describe a range of activities that accredited providers can facilitate to support individualized professional development in teaching, clinical, or research practice.

Demonstrating Compliance

The ACCME expects accredited providers to comply with all applicable accreditation requirements regardless the CME activity type.  If a learning from teaching activity is selected for review during the accreditation process, the accredited provider would need to be able to demonstrate compliance in its performance-in-practice files. 

For information about reporting learning from teaching activities in PARS, please see the FAQ "How do I report Learning from Teaching CME in PARS?"


If you have further questions about the ACCME's learning from teaching activity description, please contact us at

Educational Resources

Below are resources that explore developing CME activities based on all areas of a learner's professional practice - clinical, educational, research, and administrative.

Applying the ACCME Requirements to CME Activities Based on Teaching Medical Students and Residents 
This ACCME handout offers simple approaches for applying the accreditation requirements to learning from teaching CME activities.


Learning from Teaching: Activity Planning Tutorial
Planning Tool - Download a copy of the revised planning tool that Dr. Kopelow uses in this tutorial.  The tool illustrates a simple approach to planning a self-directed individualized learning project in compliance with the ACCME's accreditation requirements.  

Useful Link Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Effectiveness of Continuing Medical Education (February 2007)


CME that Addresses Nonclinical Professional Practice Gaps

Can I base my activities on non-clinical problems in my learners' practices, such as their needs related to their work in research, administration or teaching?


Does “professional practice,” as referenced in Criterion 2, mean only patient care?

Dr. Murray Kopelow discusses a simplified approach to engaging the stakeholders involved in planning CME activities into the process of address problems in practice.

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