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Criterion 30: #176684 - Compliance

A provider described collaboration with their emergency preparedness and education and program committees, and the local fire department to develop training sessions for learners to decontaminate patients exposed to hazards such as chemical, biological, or radiological materials. A CME activity was… More

Criterion 30: #176685 - Compliance

The hospital’s orthopedic department hired a surgeon with expertise in a novel approach to total hip replacement that was needed for the patients the unit served. The department invested in a new surgical suite, including tables and retractors that are needed for this surgical approach. The… More

Criterion 30: #176686 - Compliance

The provider offers a regularly scheduled series of Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support courses. Each course is a combination of online learning followed by an in-person skills practice and testing. The online session uses a variety of elearning formats such as… More