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Criterion 26: #176661 - Compliance

After recognizing that the rate of avoidable hospital readmissions was high, the accredited provider collaborated with colleagues in quality improvement to obtain data about unit-level use of best practices to optimize transitions of care. The provider delivered educational activities to help each… More

Criterion 26: #176662 - Compliance

The Infection Control Committee’s review of electronic health record (EHR) data indicated a high rate of patients contracting sepsis in the ICU. A task force was formed with representatives from the CME department, medical staff, nursing, pharmacy, and information technology to determine how to… More

Criterion 26: #176663 - Compliance

A provider planned a series of activities utilizing data from a national cardiology registry. Member clinicians contributed data into the registry and then received information about how their performance compared to national norms. The provider facilitated a webinar with participating clinicians… More