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Criterion 22: #49875 - Compliance

The CME office is integral to the planning and approval of all activities proposed by activity planners. CME policies and procedures along with dedicated review committees help position the organization to influence the scope and content of educational interventions. A recent change in the… More

Criterion 22: #49908 - Compliance

The provider’s leadership and position within the institution, as well as its association with state and national committees within its field of expertise, demonstrate that it is influential in and responsible for the scope and content of its activities/educational interventions.  

Criterion 22: #7166 - Compliance

The provider’s framework and processes position the organization to influence the scope and content of its activities. In addition, the provider cooperates with other similarly-focused specialty societies to develop a core curriculum and ensure that the education offered is appropriate and… More

Criterion 22: #7168 - Noncompliance

Information collected from the review of activity files and the survey interview showed that the provider delegates many aspects of its CME program to third parties with no mechanism for oversight or reporting. Examples of these delegated functions include activity planning, interaction with… More

Criterion 22: #7169 - Noncompliance

In its self-study report, the provider indicated that its CME program is primarily comprised of jointly provided activities in which joint providers identify educational needs for activities, develop educational curricula and conduct evaluation and assessment of the effectiveness of CME activities… More