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Criterion 20: #164987 - Noncompliance

The provider described inviting a representative from an organization involved in improving public health to promote its services at a CME conference and donating funds to several other organizations in the field.   Rationale: These examples do not demonstrate that the provider built bridges with… More

Criterion 20: #49862 - Compliance

The provider is engaged in collaborative and cooperative relationships with several stakeholders, including academic medical centers, medical professional societies, community physician practices, private hospitals and city and municipal agencies. Examples included a collaborative effort on quality… More

Criterion 20: #49865 - Compliance

The provider described multiple collaborations with healthcare professionals, medical societies and accredited and non-accredited educational partners. The provider has developed relationships with key physicians who participate on the organization’s clinical advisory board and planning committees… More

Criterion 20: #7149 - Compliance

The provider identified stakeholders with which it collaborates, including a nurse specialty society and professional organization for physician assistants on an allied health symposium; a national specialty society and disease-focused association on a collaboration to reduce the risk of… More

Criterion 20: #7152 - Noncompliance

The provider lists its joint providership relationships, but provides no description or evidence that these relationships are collaborative or cooperative.  Rationale: The provider did not describe or demonstrate that it built bridges with stakeholders in an effort to enhance the ability to meet… More