The ACCME’s performance-in-practice review allows initial applicants to demonstrate compliance with the ACCME’s expectations and offers the applicants an opportunity to reflect on their CME practices.

Materials that demonstrate compliance with the ACCME’s expectations may result from work done for individual activities or as part of the overall CME program. Meeting minutes and strategic planning documents are two examples of materials that might help an initial applicant show how an activity meets the ACCME’s expectations with evidence not directly related to a specific CME activity. Initial applicants must include such materials in labeled evidence to verify compliance.

The ACCME’s review of performance-in-practice requires the following actions by the initial applicant:

  1. Selection of at least 2 CME activities for which the initial applicant will present labeled evidence to demonstrate compliance through performance-in-practice.
  2. Submission of CME activity data for the CME activities selected by the initial applicant for performance-in-practice review.  This data will be submitted using the ACCME’s Program and Activity Reporting System, or “PARS”.  Instructions on how to access PARS are in the ACCME Guide to the Initial Accreditation Process
  3. Submission of labeled evidence of performance-in-practice for the activities selected.

Selecting Activities for Performance-In-Practice Review

Typically, the initial applicant will select two educational activities completed within the last 24 months, for performance-in-practice review.  These activities may have been conducted in joint providership with an accredited ACCME provider or may be activities offered by the initial applicant without CME credit. It is important to note, in all cases, the evidence of performance-in-practice from the activities the applicant chooses to present for review will be an important data source upon which the applicant’s accreditation findings and decision will be based.

The initial applicant is expected to provide labeled evidence that will demonstrate compliance with applicable ACCME Criteria (Criteria 1-3 and 7-12) and applicable ACCME accreditation policies. The organization may choose to submit labeled evidence for Criteria 4-6 and Criteria 16-22 as well, but that evidence will not be used to determine initial accreditation.  A template for the required labels is provided in the ACCME Guide to the Initial Accreditation Process.