CME that Counts for ABPath Continuous Certification

The ACCME and the American Board of Pathology (ABPath) have collaborated to simplify the integration of Continuous Certification (formerly Maintenance of Certification or MOC) and accredited CME. All accredited providers in the ACCME System are now welcome to register their activities in the Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS) for ABPath Continuous Certification credits.

For general information about registering CME activities for Continuous Certification credit, please see our CME in Support of MOC webpage.



Submitting Activity and Participant Management Data in PARS
Communication of Continuous Certification Recognition
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Submitting Activity and Participant Management Data in PARS

ABPath Continuous Certification Requirements: All accredited providers in the ACCME System can register their activities in PARS for ABPath Continuous Certification credit as long as they meet the ABPath requirements, as described in “Accredited CME that Counts for the ABPath MOC Program: Requirements for Accredited Providers.”

Credit types: You can register activities for the following credit types: Lifelong Learning (Part II), Self-Assessment module (SAM), and/or Improvement in Medical Practice (Part IV).

Activity registration: You can register activities that began on or after January 1, 2018. If you have already registered activities in PARS for 2018, you can update your data to include ABPath Continuous Certification registration. Please note that you will need to collect and keep learner data, as you will be responsible for entering that data into PARS later this year.

Learner completion data: PARS will be open for learner data submission later this year. We will inform you when this functionality becomes available.

CME Finder: Activities registered for ABPath Continuous Certification will be displayed in CME Finder, our online CME search tool that provides a one-stop resource for physicians seeking to earn Continuous Certification or MOC credits by participating in accredited CME.

Communication of Continuous Certification Recognition

Accredited providers must clearly indicate to learners that the activity has been registered to offer credit in the ABPath Continuous Certification program on activity materials and brochures, with the exception of initial, save-the-date type activity announcements.

This language must include:

  • The specific credit type(s) available (Lifelong Learning (Part II), Self-Assessment Module (SAM), and/or Improvement in Medical Practice (Part IV))
  • The number of credits available

In addition, accredited providers may use the ABPath logo. Use of the logo is optional and may appear on any activity materials, brochures, and announcements that promote CME activities that also earn ABPath Continuous Certification credits. Accredited providers may determine the size and placement of the logo; however, providers are not permitted to make changes to the logo.


    ​Providers can review the resources below for information on participant data submission:

    We Welcome Your Questions and Feedback

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    ABPath-certified physicians: Please contact ABPath at