Will the ACCME notify the complainant about the outcome?

Last Revised: 
November 11, 2011

The ACCME will review the complaint to determine whether the complaint relates to the provider's compliance with the ACCME accreditation requirements, and then follow one of these courses of action:

  1. If the complaint does not relate to the provider's compliance with the ACCME's rules, the ACCME will notify the complainant of its position and the complaint process will be closed.
  2. If the ACCME determines that the complaint does relate to the provider's compliance with ACCME rules, the ACCME will pursue the matter directly with the provider. Complainants are not notified regarding the final outcome of the complaint.

The complaints process and findings are kept confidential by the ACCME, with the exception of the ACCME's response to a lawful subpoena or other legal process.

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