What is a tab-delimited batch upload?

Published Date: 
November 11, 2011
Last Revised: 
November 7, 2016

The tab-delimited batch upload enables providers to export multiple activity records at one time into PARS.  The tab-delimited batch upload process originates with the use of an MS Excel template which closely mirrors the CME Activity List used previously by ACCME accredited providers to report activities for reaccreditation purposes.

Organizations that already have their own CME tracking system and have the ability to match the fields in this system to the fields in the template might elect to use this format.  The tab-delimited format might also be a good choice for organizations that provide the same activity in multiple locations throughout the year.  In this case, ACCME expects you to count each of these events as separate activities.  Because the process originates with a Tab-Delimited Activity File Template, a simple way for you to enter many activities with similar data is to copy data from one row to another. 

PARS Tab-delimited Upload Process: A Tutorial

2016 and Later
Tab Delimited Upload Template for 2016 and Later
Tab Delimited Upload Instructions for 2016 and Later

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