How can I get help using the CME finder?

Published Date: 
August 11, 2016

There are a number of ways you can get help using CME Finder. Within CME Finder, you can click on the “Help/FAQs” link at the top of each page to link to  frequently asked questions on the ACCME website.

You can also use the question mark icons that are found on each CME Finder page. If you place your mouse over the question mark next to a particular item, you will either see a tip appear, or, your mouse cursor will change from an arrow into a pointing hand, indicating that you can click on this item to open a window displaying more information.

If you have specific questions about an activity, click on the activity URL provided in the search results and/or contact the accredited CME provider that is offering the activity.  Contact information for all accredited providers can be found on the Find a CME Provider page of ACCME's website.

If you need further support, use the Contact Us form to submit your questions or comments and an ACCME staff member will respond directly to you. You can also email us at

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