Compliance with the Attendance Records Retention Policy

The ACCME received a complaint questioning a CME provider’s compliance with the ACCME’s CME Attendance Records Retention Policy because  the learner had requested but not received a certificate of attendance from the provider. The ACCME requires CME providers to record and to be able to verify participation in CME activities; however providers can choose the process they use to fulfill this requirement. The ACCME does not require that providers issue certificates of attendance.

The ACCME issued a Notice of Complaint. In its response, the CME provider described its mechanisms to comply with the ACCME CME Activity and Attendance Records Retention Policy, explaining that it utilizes registration forms, sign-in sheets, evaluation forms, pre- and post-tests, and credit request forms, all of which are maintained for six years after the activity. The provider also indicated that it transmitted a copy of the attendance record to the complainant.  The ACCME issued a Notice of Compliance. The complaint was closed.


Published Date: 
Tuesday, August 27, 2013
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