Compliance with the ACCME’s Enduring Materials Policy

The ACCME received a complaint regarding an online enduring material sponsored by an accredited provider. The complainant indicated that the online enduring material did not communicate the following information prior to the start of the activity:

  • Accreditation statement;
  • Dates of the activity’s original release and most recent review or update; and
  • Termination date.

The ACCME reviewed the online enduring material and sent the provider a Notice of Noncompliance. The provider was asked to add the above information to the activity, as required by the ACCME Policy on Enduring Materials, and to send the ACCME documentation to demonstrate that it had fulfilled those requirements.

The provider changed its online activity to include the required information and submitted screen shots and a narrative description of the changes it made. The matter was closed. The ACCME will survey the provider’s online enduring material(s) at the time of the next reaccreditation review to confirm that it continues to comply with ACCME policies.

For More Information
ACCME’s Policy on Enduring Materials
ACCME’s Accreditation Statement Policy

Published Date: 
Friday, February 18, 2011
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