Board of Directors

The following is a listing of the current members of ACCME’s Board of Directors:

Carol D. Berkowitz, MD
Todd Dorman, MD, Chair
Gary L. Filerman, MHA, PhD
Linda Gage-White, MD, PhD, MBA
Stuart Gilman, MD, MPH
Hal B. Jenson, MD, MBA
Jeffrey L. Levine, PhD
Thomas Miller, MD, MPH
Robert H. Perelman, MD
David Pieper, PhD, Treasurer
Richard Pieters, MD, MEd
William Rayburn, MD, MBA, Vice Chair
Victor I. Reus, MD
David A. Swankin, Esq., JD
Adela S. Valdez, MD, MBA
Stephanie Wolf-Rosenblum, MD, MMM
Michael Zanolli, MD
Suzanne Ziemnik, MEd


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